Monday, August 30, 2004

If a tree fell on my bed in the morning, but I was asleep, would it wake me up?

Answer: no.

It's hard to be awake on a Monday morning when I feel like the weekend didn't happen. It flew by too fast.

I spent an hour Sunday at Home Depot, buying materials with which to fix my broken closet. Two sanding blocks, two self-adhesive drywall patches (4"x4"), one roll of self-adhesive drywall tape, one plastic taping knife, and a gallon bucket of joint compound.

Now I just have to empty the closet. Then I can sand, apply patches and tape, apply compound, prime, and repaint the closet. I don't know what color the old owners used—I'm assuming plain flat white, but who knows with those people. I will attempt, also, to use the joint compound to create some texturing. I do not want to have to buy spackling compound so that the patched areas match the stubbly texture of the walls. Ideally, once we have a new closet rod hung (another story altogether), no prospective buyer will be able to see the untextured part of the wall since our clothes will be hung in front of it.

I am not a handy person, usually. I have skill with some tools, but mostly from being involved in theatre. You do realize that, when you build in the theatre, it's NOT REAL, right? So my skills with tools and building are mostly restricted to constructing things that are not intended to last. I have no real, practical skills with other aspects of home improvement, like DRYWALL REPAIR.

Oy vey.
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